It all started when…

Dan Ward was born in Evanston, IL and grew up in Libertyville, a verdant suburb about an hour north of Chicago. In his youth, he loved running in a pack in the neighborhood, playing free the tree, ghost in the graveyard and, above all, football. He also ran in a BMX gang whose main goal, aside from shredding the trails behind the high school, was to hit the White Hen for candy and Soda.

In high school, he suffered a severe reaction when bitten by the acting bug and was confused for a while, thinking he was De Niro or something. This reaction persisted and he subsequently matriculated to the Theatre School at DePaul University, ultimately earning a BFA in acting.

The first class on his first day of college, drum roll please, YOGA! And he hated it. Well actually, the reaction was a big more mixed. Perhaps the challenges were a bit too intense for him at the time. But the seed was planted.

After graduating, Dan moved to Santa Monica, California with his girlfriend, now wife, Lesley. It wasn’t but a few weeks into residing in SM that Dan discovered Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga class. It was what he liked to call a “lifequake”. Bryan’s intense style of vinyasa changed Dan’s life.

Now with 4 beautiful daughters and 10,000 hugs later, Dan realized teaching yoga would be a dream.

Email danwarddog@me.com info about classes, privates, events, and teacher trainings.